Friday, April 9, 2010

On my way out of the hospital. Surgery went well- only took a little over an hour. I'm not feelin too bad right now. Incisions don't really hurt, but i'm sure i'll be feeling more from them later. My only real complaints right now are 1. The gas from the surgery is up in my mid-back/diaphragm area, which is where i felt pain when my gallbladder was still in there (lol), and 2. I'm hungry as a hostage.

My only options at the hospital were saltine crackers (never again. Ate my life's fill of those when i was sick these past several weeks), and a turkey sandwich. I opted for the sandwich, which came on some dry-ass bread with a packet of mayo. Since i'm trying to stay away from carbs and don't want the fat from the mayo, i ate the single slice of turkey that was on the sandwich. Lol

Since they said i may need a liquid diet if stuff bothers me right away, i'm making my mom bring me to GNC on the way home for some Muscle Milk Light so I can at least get my protein.


Sherry said...

I hope to hell your on the road to recovery!! It's time for Amber to feel better and enjoy that cute little guy! He is adorable by the way!