Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My little ravioli (or pierogie, as Lexie calls him)

This morning, I went into the office for my embryo transfer. I had pre-transfer acupuncture, which was pretty cool. It was my first time ever doing acupuncture, but I wasn't nervous. I've had so many piercings and tattoos, those little acupuncture needles will never hold a candle to my body mods! I had a needle in my head, two in each ear, one in each wrist, two in my belly, and one in each of my calves and feet. It was definitely a different experience. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I can say I came out of the spa area feeling much more relaxed than I was when I went in.

We all know I was really nervous after my egg retrieval that I would end up with all female embryos, and I was stressing over it for the last four days. Well... of the four embryos, ONE IS A MALE!!!! One was a female; the test didn't work on the third, so we don't know what gender it is; and the fourth one grew so fast, they were unable to biopsy it. I'm so blessed that one of the embryos is a male. He was implanted today around noon, and my beta pregnancy test is scheduled for June 5 at 1:00. Please, little man, stick in there!!!

This is him:

Lexie said he looks like a pierogie. I prefer to call him a ravioli, because I'm Italian, not Polish. Since he's half black, my mom decided that he was a cocoa puff. Whatever food he resembles, I love him already, and hope he decides to settle in there and stay until February!