Sunday, November 8, 2009

6 months!

Taa daa! I have been pregnant since May 8, so today marks 6 months for me! Woo hoo!!

Here's what's been going on over here....

So, our household used to consist of me and my mom, and my aunt and her 2 kids that moved in with us when I was 4. They robbed me of my own space- her daughter got my bedroom, her son got my playroom, and I ended up sharing a room with my mom til I was 12 and we moved to this house. Everything has always been about those two. Their mother won't say shit to them about anything. They could leave dirty dishes around, etc, and you wouldn't hear a word from her, but as soon as I left a glass in the living room, she would point it out and tell me to put it in the sink. You know, that kind of person. Well, her son is 29 years old, and has moved in and out several times (always living with- or should I say living off of some girlfriend or other), and now he's finally getting his own place. Her daughter is 32, and left the nest for the first time a little over a year ago.

When the daughter left, she decided what she was taking with her and what she wasn't. She took select items as not to clutter up her apartment. So now, our downstairs family room is completely filled with the boxes of shit that she didn't take with her. They've been down there for over a year. Her mother has not made her come and get them, or put them in storage, or try to go through them to see if there's anything she could get rid of. Nothing. Ever. They've just been sitting there.

Hubby and I have been staying here. He was in basic training this summer, and he's leaving again in January for another 17 weeks, and we're going to be buying a house sometime after he comes back next spring. It only makes sense that we stay here for right now and save ourselves $600+/month, and then I also won't be in an apartment alone when Marius comes.

There's a spare room right next to our room. When my cousin moved back home from his last girlfriend's house, he went into that room, even though my mom and aunt were still in the process of remodeling that room as a guest room. However, his sister's room downstairs was so full of crap that she left behind that he had no choice but to sleep in that room until the room downstairs could be cleaned out. The shit from his sister's bedroom downstairs was added to the rest of the shit in the family room downstairs. He moved down there, but the spare room next to us just became one big clusterfuck of clutter. It was an unfinished project, plus shit that he brought home. It was already a storage place for some of mine and hubby's stuff, because our bedroom barely fits our bed and 2 small dressers, and the closets in this house are tiny.

So now, in addition to this shit in the room, there is my cousin's bookcase, display case (he collects NASCAR die-cast cars and other memorabilia. Grow the fuck up, seriously) and a dresser. Months go by, and a family member who rents out an apartment in her house evicts her tenant for not paying rent in 10+ months, so it is decided that he is going to move in there. Great! Wonderful! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Well, yesterday, me and my mom were under the impression that he was going to move his shit from the spare room. AKA his bookcase, dresser, display case, and all the shit that's on them and in them, plus some other odds & ends of his in that room. He even called his friend to come over and help him move the heavy stuff.

The first thing they move is the dresser. Good start, right? Well, that's the ONLY THING THEY MOVE!!! He decides he's not taking the bookcase. He doesn't even take his PS2 or stereo or anything OFF the bookcase. He doesn't want to take the display case. Mind you, I've been itching to get into that room, because it's gonna be Marius' room while we stay here. I hate waiting on other people, and finally, FINALLY I thought I was going to get the chance to start getting some of my son's clothes and stuff out of my closet and out from under my bed and put them in a dresser that I planned on moving from my room to the spare room once a certain someone's shit was moved out of it.

He took a dresser. A fucking dresser. A 3 ft wide by 2 ft deep dresser. I got 6 sq feet of floor space. And then he went hunting. All day. What the fuck? How is that acceptable? If he could pack up the dresser and put it in his brand-new truck that his MOTHER just financed for him (technially his MOTHER'S truck), why couldn't he pack up his stereo, PS2, and miscellaneous shit?!? And his mother was just like, "Well, he doesn't want to start off with his apartment all cluttered." Tough $hit! So he gets to clutter this place up too, just like his sister did who moved out over a YEAR ago! If he doesn't want the stuff in his apartment, that's fine, but it's HIS stuff, and he should be responsible for finding an alternate place to put it.

So he moved a dresser. Then went hunting. All day. I'm so fucking sick of these people. I know damn well that if I was moving out and even left ONE BOX of stuff behind, especially in a "common area", his mother would have a hissy fit and be up one side of me and down the other. But her kids can do whatever they want, and it's ok. This is the same woman who shook her head and mouthed the word "No" when my mom mentioned that it would make more sense for me to stay here with the baby while hubby went away in January. But it's OK for her kids to stay here til they're freakin' 30 and leave all their shit here when they go. I can't stay here temporarily with a baby. Shit, the last thing I want to do is be in my mom's house with a baby, but it's not because I NEED to be. It's because my mom offered, since if hubby and I had an apartment, she'd be over there like 24/7 to help when the baby is born anyway. And this is only temporary until hubby gets back and we can start house hunting.

There is something seriously wrong here.

I did get some stuff done yesterday. I was using my low changing dresser from when I was a baby in my room, but I wanted to get it over into the spare room to use for Marius. There's a taller, narrower dresser in the spare room that I wanted to put in our room instead. I did manage to get that done. Now that Marius has a dresser, I can go thru all the clothes I have for him and sort them. I'm gonna pull all the newborn and 0-3mo clothes out and put them in the dresser, then rearrange the underbed stoage bins according to size, so when he grows out of the 0-3 I can just pull out the 3-6mo bin and swap the clothes out. Got all my clothes transferred to the dresser I brought in my room, and went thru a lot of shit. I have 3 trash bags full of clothes to send to the Salvation Army or wherever, and I'm not even done going through all my clothes yet. All in all, after all the stress, it was still a productive day and I was asleep by 8:00.


Lexie's thoughts said...

why can she be such a bitch sometimes? i love your mom SO much more!