Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I gave Fame whipped cream from the can once when he was a puppy. Ever since, he immediately becomes alert and enters the room as soon as he hears the "SSHHHHHHHH" sound of whipped cream being expelled from the can. And then he will sit there, licking his chops in anticipation, as if he's really eating or drinking something. He seriously sits there, lapping in the air, as fast as he does when he takes a drink from the water bowl.

Well, since Thanksgiving baking has been going on all day, I decided to reward myself with a piece of pumpkin pie before I went to bed. We didn't have any Cool Whip thawed, so I decided to just use some of the whipped cream we had in the fridge. I was upstairs alone, with the TV on. Fame was downstairs, having "guy time" with hubby. Hubby is down there, with the TV on blast, talking loudly to his buddies on Xbox.

I sat down at the table, poured myself some cider, and cut a piece of pie. I shook the whipped cream, uncapped it, inverted the can, pressed on the nozzle, and immediately heard what sounded like an elephant running up the stairs. I thought it was hubby, since when he ascends from his man cave, he runs up the stairs. I looked into the hallway, and there was no one there. As I was turning my head back towards my delectable dessert, I noticed a blocky black head in the vicinity of my left elbow. And there was Fame, sitting next to me, waiting patiently for some whipped cream, licking his chops. He heard that sound on a different level of the house, through two loud TVs and the raucous screaming and laughter of a video game freak engaged in battle on Xbox live.

So of course I had to give him some, 1. because he impressed me with his auditory prowess, and 2. because he's so damn cute!