Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6.5 months???

OK, so I know the technical "pregnancy is 10 months" thing- a month is roughly 4 weeks; 40 weeks divided by 4 is 10. But I haven't been counting that way. I've been pregnant since May 8, so I just counted May 8-June 8 as 1 month, June 8-July 8 as 2 months, etc, making November 8 the 6-month mark, and February 8 the 9-month mark. I'm due February 12.

But all the girls I know are counting in 4 week increments for a total of 10 months, so according to that system, I'm really 6.5 months! And next week I'll be 6.75 months. Crazy!!! Either way, I still have the same amount of time to wait 'til my lil man graces us with his presence.

On another note, hubby gets free food at Applebees tomorrow for Veterans Day because he's military! w00t w00t! In no way will I complain that we save 50% on our bill!

I get to go for my glucose tolerance test on Friday. Oh joy. I better pass the 1-hour test, because I realllly don't want to have to sit through the 3-hour. I'll be very cranky if I do! My next OB appointment is next Wednesday (11/18), and we can't wait! We're so excited to see Marius again!


Sue said...

You get another u/s next week!?!?! I'm jealous! that's great! I've been counting according to "what to expect when you are expecting" even though I hate that book. However, I'm going to count 27 weeks as getting into the third trimester...it just makes sense to me that way. I have the GD test tomorrow and I'm hoping that I can pass too!

Lindsey said...

For me as well, 27 weeks was the start of my 3rd trimester because it was when I officially became horrifically uncomfortable and moody in the evenings. It's like, "hello 3rd trimester! You suck!" My back started hurting really bad, my stomach started getting REALLY hard, I am hungry every 1.5-2 hours, I look exhausted... and I have how many more weeks of this?!
I am going to try to enjoy it:)

Good luck ladies on your GD tests!

Lexie's thoughts said...

Did you guys go to applebees? I told my Dad about it but I don't think he went. congrats on being 6.5 months?!