Monday, December 14, 2009

Baby shower photos!!!

Here are some pics from my shower yesterday. It was such a nice get-together!!! We're so blessed that our family and friends were able to share this special day with us!

Here's the Pack N Play THAT MY BFF BOUGHT!!!!

And these are my FAVORITE pictures from yesterday - me and my Grandpa! <3


Sue said...

How cute! It looks like a great time...and it looks like a pretty big shower! By the way, you look great and you guys make such a cute couple! Your baby is going to be gorgeous!!!

Sumer said...

awww awesome pictures!! Where did you have your baby shower? I hope you had an amazing day!

Lindsey said...

How fun! Wasn't it neat taking all your stuff home and playing with it?!
I love the pictures of you and your grandpa:) Very very cute.

Amber said...

Sue - awwww.. thanks! I can't wait to see what Marius looks like! It's driving me crazy that we weren't able to get a 3D of his face.

Lindsey - Thank you :) The stuff got put in the spare room when we got home, and I haven't had the energy to unpack it yet. I'm still wiped out. lol Hopefully I can tackle some of it this week. I REALLLLY want to set up the pack n play for some reason. lol

Lexie's thoughts said...

hmm.. the pack & play your bff bought?! haha the shower went great. Glad I could be a pat of it.

Amber said...

Lexie - you are a Godsend, you know that, right? Like, if it weren't for you guys, Marius would have nowhere to sleep. lol I didn't even get to photograph all my gifts together. I just grabbed a few of the 200+ pics that were taken between mine and my mom's cameras real quick to post on here!