Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Uggghhhh... found more damage this morning.

So I went out this morning to re-assess the damage in the daylight, and they managed to hit steel again last night too. This definitely wasn't there yesterday- I would have seen it because it's like a foot away from the hole in the door. This one was on the pillar between my windshield and my driver's door window. Like, seriously? You're aiming for HUGE PIECES OF GLASS, and you manage to hit a 1.5" wide strip of steel instead??? WTF. It would have been sooooooo much easier and cheaper if they had actually managed to hit the windshield or the window. Like, they were so close that BB left a trace of copper in the hole. So there's ANOTHER part of my car that's gonna have to be totally sanded and repainted. I seriously HATE these people and wish I could find them.


Sue said...

The damage looks even worse than I was imagining! I'd be so mad too! Imagine the amount of claims that are coming from your neighborhood? Seriously...they should find these kids (I have to guess they are young because this is so stupid) and make them pay for all of it! Ugh.

BTW...missed your post about fame and the whipped cream. SO CUTE! Harley does that licking the air thing ALL THE TIME and it drives me nuts! (wish it was just for a cute particular snack!)

Lexie's thoughts said...

im pretty sure i could bet money that i know them.