Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Christmas :)

Today was a good day. I'm very grateful that hubby was able to be here to celebrate Christmas with us (even if he's not the biggest fan of the holiday)- the Air Force was originally thinking of making him leave Christmas Eve. Mom, Aunt Karen, hubby and I each exchanged one present last night, and opened the rest today. Hubby totally surprised me with a video game I've wanted to play that I got a taste of several years ago and have wanted ever since. It's pretty hard to find, so I kind of gave up looking a few years ago, but he somehow managed to find a copy of the original game AND the sequel, unopened. He's awesome :)

Among other things, we got Mom new bath mats for in front of the sink and tub, which she really wanted because our old ones are looking pretty old. We also got her 4 pounds of Dunkin' Donuts ground coffee, because the woman absolutely cannot live without her coffee, and drinks it from the time she gets up 'til the time she goes to bed. I seriously wish we had the camera ready. We didn't have any boxes big enough for the bath mats, so I folded them up and wrapped them separately, then put them together with ribbon. Fame and Mom's dog Sydney will grab the wrapping paper once you start peeling it and will peel it the rest of the way off the package, and they also like it when you crumple the paper into a ball and throw it for them. They've never actually grabbed the package. Well, I guess Sydney must have been REALLY excited for Christmas this year, because she got into the package of bath mats as soon as Mom picked it up to open it. Sydney grabbed a corner of the paper and started tearing, then stole the whole package from Mom (it weighed a couple pounds- they're thick, luxiourious bath mats), took it farther into the room out of the reach of everyone, and proceded to pull the bath mats out of the paper. She even went as far as to shake the bath mat around after she freed it from the wrap. It was hysterical. Then Mom goes to open her box of coffee. We have the 4 pounds of coffee laid out side by side in a gift box. Sydney tried to steal the whole box and open it. She's a mess. I have no idea what got into her this year, but it definitely provided for an entertaining morning.

Everyone got great gifts, and Fame and Syd had a LOT of fun helping us open them, and then playing with the discarded paper. Here's Fame, happy as can be:

We had a great day at Uncle Paul and Aunt Pam's house, where we had Christmas dinner and did a grab bag that's always fun. By the time we came home, I was TIRED. I tried to fall asleep, but then got some miraculous second wind, even though I'm still exhausted deep down. lol

Oh, and I forgot- last night, I managed to put some balls on our Christmas bush ;)

(They're mini balls. Like, smaller than golf balls. About the size of a shooter marble, I guess. They fit the bush nicely. lol)