Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blahhhhhh I can't sleeeeep

I'm too anxious about my appointment tomorrow (or shall I say later today lol). And I have wicked heartburn to boot. Tums used to be my best friend- I used to be able to eat them like candy. But now I'm SOOOOOO sick of them that the thought of crunching on that chalky tablet makes me want to puke. I'll take heartburn over puking any day.


Melissa Griffin said...

GOod Luck today!!!!!
Cant wait to hear all the good news!!

Lexie's thoughts said...


Sherry said...

Good Luck!!! You know they say the more heartburn you have the more hair the baby has.

I switched to the berry flavored tums when I was pregnant with Jace and they didn't taste quite so chalky.


Amber said...

Thanks guys! Only a little over an hour to go!

Sherry - I guess my baby is gonna be hairy, then! lol I've been eating the berry flavored Tums the whole time, and I think I'm just overall sick of the flavor lol I need to find those Rolaids Soft Chews in vanilla flavor - they're really good, but I've had trouble finding the vanilla kind :(