Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here he is!

Today's ultrasound was awesome! We got to see everything in detail, and he was moving around so much (thanks to some orange juice about 20 minutes before my appointment), and we SWEAR he was in there flexing his muscles like daddy! He's still measuring ahead - today I was 19w5d, and he's measuring 20w2d on average. His head was measuring 20w5d- a full week ahead! He also had broad shoulders and a big butt. Great. It should be a fun delivery. lol

The only thing that pissed me off is that the ultrasound tech wouldn't print a picture of the "goods"! I was like WTF? Everyone I know with a boy has the "Look at my junk!" picture! Grrrr! Maybe I can go see the girls at CNY and see if they'll get me one ;)

Well, without further ado, here's our son Marius No-Middle-Name-Yet Tucker! lol

This is a picture of his chest and neck mostly. lol His head is turned to the side. He's saying "Look at my pecs!"

He's flexing here. Like, "Check out my biceps!"

Another shot of his hand by his face. Look at that lil thumb! He's saying "Who's tough? This guy!"

And here are his feet!!!! I LOVE baby feet! They measured 3.77cm long, which is just about 1.5in! Shoot, according to the books I have, at this point babies are around 6 inches crown to rump, so in comparison, those are some big feet! Takes after daddy!


Lexie's thoughts said...

Eeeeekkkkk I'm so excited!!!!!!! i love that little perogie already!!!!

Sue said...

He is beautiful!! and, lets here it for PGD:-) Glad you got confirmation!!!!

Melissa Griffin said...


Things look wonderful! Congratulations he looks sooo cute!!!!

Sherry said...

I can't wait to see him for real!! I'm so glad everything went good!!


Amber said...

Thanks guys!

And Sue - PGD and CGH rock! lol It definitely made it a lot easier for me to spread out my baby shopping, especially with money being so tight right now. I bought a little bit of stuff here and there over a long period of time, so I feel pretty prepared even though my wallet isn't as fat as it should be.