Monday, September 7, 2009

'Tis the season!

I've been wanting a caramel apple for... oh, about 17 weeks now. lol I've been waiting for my mom's best friend Susie to make some (she works at an orchard), but she says Gala apples aere the best and the Galas aren't ready to be picked yet. Today, hubby and I were at Colonie Center and there was a chololate shop in there. I dragged him in there because I could use a little pick-me-up, and I saw a bunch of chocolate-covered apples. Bummer. There was an 8X10 piece of paper in a frame with prices listed on it, and hubby said "Babe, look at the sign." The sign had prices for caramel apples, with and without nuts!!! They are regularly $8 each (GASP! But it was a fancy chocolatier), but they were on sale, 2 for $10 (still a little expensive, but a lot better than $8 a pop!)

Needless to say, I got 2. I just had half of one, and it was pretty good. Look how thick the caramel is on it (especially at the top!) Not as fresh as it could be, and it was a Granny Smith apple, so the flavor wasn't quite right. Susie's apples are better! But it satisfied my craving for now until the Galas are ready!