Thursday, October 22, 2009

23 weeks, 6 days- belly shots!

I seriously wish I could clone myself so I can take artistic pictures of myself to document my pregnancy. That's what I hate about being the photographer- I have a certain eye for photography and I can envision what I want a photo to look like and make it happen. I want photos that are taken of me to be like the photos I take of others. Grrrr! And I am convinced that my mother is the worst photographer in the world. I asked her to take some pictures of me (I put the camera on rapid fire mode so it took 3 frames/second. I needed the best chance of getting SOMETHING I could use), and in like 10 of 'em she pulled a Grandma and chopped the very top of my head off. lol

Anyway- here are a couple pictures from today!

Apparently Fame didn't want his picture taken. lol


Sue said...

Awww...Fame is such a cutie! You look great! My mom is the same way with a camera...though I have no talent either..DH is the artist in my family! (I am thinking about shelling out some $$ to get some real maternity pics taken eventually...not sure).

Lexie's thoughts said...

i lovee your belly!!