Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anthony is so freakin cute.

Jake, Lexie, and Anthony stopped over so they could pick up the apple crisp I made for them. Anthony always runs down the hall to our bedroom to see my hubby, but this time hubby was downstairs playing Xbox. Everyone calls hubby by his last name (Tucker), and Lexie said to Anthony "Tucker's not down there." Now, Anthony just turned 2 in July and has never attempted to say "Tucker" before, but he decided he was gonna try tonight. He ran through the house yelling "TOUCHERRRRR!!!! TOUCHERRRRR!!!!" We all almost died laughing!

I can't imagine what it's gonna look like when we see them at Walmart or the mall, and Anthony starts yelling "Toucher!" hahaha


Sumer said...

OMG!! I almost fell over laughing lol that is SOOOO funny! Little kids are the best!!

Lindsey said...

I have a friend here whose 2 year old son, Jeremiah, LOVES trucks. The only problem is that right now he pronounces his "T"s as "F"s
So when he asks for a Truck... it ends up sounding like he is asking for a F-ruck. A very very very close sounding F-uck.
I wonder what Jeremiah would call Tucker. hahahaha!

How are you feeling?

Lexie's thoughts said...

Hahaha. thats my boy! he is too cute.

Sherry said...

I can hear Anthony in Wal-Mart, "Toucher, Jerk (Jake), Toucher!!"

He is pretty cute!! I'm just a little partial though.