Thursday, October 15, 2009

Marius' new friend

So since hubby is such a tough guy, he was always talking about how everyone better not be buying our son all kinds of stuffed animals. Remember Pillow People? The only stuffed anything Tucker had as a kid was the Pillow Fighter that he used to jump and land on and kick the crap out of on a daily basis.

Well, as you know, hubby is in the Air Force. When he was in basic training, his training sqadron were the Bulldogs, so a few weeks ago Lexie was talking about how she wanted to bring Anthony to Build-A-Bear so he could get his bear a new outfit (she had the damn thing crammed in a preemie sleeper and it looked like the little kid in A Christmas Story in the snowsuit). I looked on the Build-A-Bear website and saw that one of the carcasses you could stuff was a bulldog. I called my local store to make sure they had it in stock before we went there. Of course, they didn't carry it, so I had to order the carcass online to bring into the store and stuff. We finally got around to getting there today, and here's what I made:

I figured DH couldn't argue with a bulldog in dress blues. I even put one of the sound things in it's paw that plays one of the Air Force jodies.

He didn't argue. lol


Lexie's thoughts said...

L.O.V.E it!

Sherry said...

He is the cutest doggy I've ever seen!! Lucky Marius!