Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I know, I know- I haven't posted anything in a while. It's because I've felt like total crap lately. The day after hubby and I went apple picking, I woke up with a crazy, unexplained rash all over my body. I tried Benadryl & hydrocortisone cream for 2 days and they did absolutely nothing. I went to see my primary doctor, and he diagnosed it as PUPP, which is a rash that develops in pregnancy (usually later on in the 3rd trimester) and doesn't go away until after the baby is delivered. He sent me to a dermatologist for a second opinion. The dermatologist wasn't convinced that it was PUPP, especially since I was only 20 weeks, so he gave me some cream and told me to continue the Benadryl. After using the cream for a week, the rash is pretty much gone, which is awesome. I'm glad it wasn't PUPP.

And then this morning I woke up and my chest hurts and my body feels heavy and a little achy. Uggggghhhhh! I really hope this gonna be some form of the common cold and not the flu. The first flu shot appointment my doctor could get me is next week. My hips hurt and I'm crampy, which is making me really paranoid, especially since 2 women on the forums lost their babies this past week (one at 23 weeks, one at 18). That's my biggest fear in life. So I'm off to bed. Lots of fluids, rest, and vitamin C are in the cards for me this week. :(


Lexie's thoughts said...

FEEL BETTER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!