Friday, October 30, 2009

25 weeks

Today marks 25 weeks, which means I am 63% of the way there!

Well, there's not a whole lot to report around here. My last OB appointment was October 21. They just measured my belly (I was 23w5d then, and I was measuring 24 weeks. There's that consistent 3 days ahead thing again.) They gave me a Similac travel bag, which was awesome. I love free stuff, and the package it came in had it labeled as the "3rd Trimester Gift", which was awesome, and made me realize that, holy crap, I'm almost in the 3rd trimester! I have been pregnant since May 8, so November 8 will mark my 6th month of being pregnant! Whoa! Crazy how time flies.

They gave me a script for blood work, and I have to go for my glucose tolerance test between November 13 and November 21. They want me to go before my next appointment, which is scheduled for November 18. I met Dr. Clark for the first time, and he seems really cool. He even said "Let's do an ultrasound next time, just to check the growth." I'm pretty excited about that, since they said I wouldn't get another one til 34 weeks. I can't wait til my next appointment!

What else has been going on.... hmmm...

I've gotten some sewing done. I made... well, something, that I can't say yet, because it's a gift for a friend of mine and I'm not telling her what it is. I'll post pictures of it after I send it to her and I know she's received it. (Lexie has seen it, so she better not squeal!) My mom's best friend Susie let me use her serger, and I made some burp cloths out of some funky flannel prints. I'm keeping 2 for myself, and I'll probably sell the others on Etsy when I get around to taking pictures of them. My mom already bought 2 for two new grandmas that she works with, and they love them! Hopefully they'll spread the word, because I can definitely use a few extra bucks to put away!

I have some more sewing to do tomorrow morning and next week. I have something else to make for that same friend of mine, which I'll probably do tomorrow so I can send them out to her. I have to start on some rompers for Marius. And I have to make another one of the "mystery items" for myself.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my friend Jackie from high school who I haven't seen in at least a year. She's going to college in Baltimore and came home for a visit. We went to Bombers and it was delicious. In fact, I'm heating my leftover cheese fries in the oven right now! (Bombers has like 8 different varieties of fries. One is the tofu fries, which is bbq tofu nuggets, rice and cheese over their delicious, crisp fries. I don't like the texture of tofu, so I just order the cheese fries with rice and bbq sauce on them and they're soooooooooooooooooo good!)

I haven't been sleeping well the last couple nights, even though I've been really tired. I toss and turn, and if I do manage to fall asleep, it's a really light sleep that I wake from very easily. *sigh* Hopefully tonight will be better. I keep getting tired headaches and I'm getting cranky from being so tired.

Off to eat my bbq cheese fries!


Lindsey said...

I was told that the glucose tolerance test was HELL. I did one at 16 weeks (and completely forgot that I did) and then I did one at 25 weeks and dreaded it... until I remembered that I did one at 16 weeks and it wasn't bad. I think the 3 hour test would be hell, but the 1 hour test wasn't horrible. Just don't eat ANYTHING at all before you do it in the morning. I know that the slightest food can throw it off. Don't let people scare you or make you think it's going to be hell... it is what you make it:)

I haven't been sleeping good either. It's not fun. At all. I know you understand, so I won't go any further with the complaining.
We did get new sheets on Friday and I have slept pretty good since then. I am hoping for another night of good sleep.