Thursday, October 8, 2009

We felt him move!!

I've been feeling a lot of movement from Marius, but only on the inside. Every day, I feel a good number of taps above my pubic bone, right in the center. In recent days, I've felt a couple bigger taps up by my ribs. I always figured the taps I felt down low were kicks, but after thinking about it more, I'm gonna say that they're actually punches. Since he's always head down or laying across my belly whenever I have an ultrasound, it would make more sense that his fists would be in that location, and his feet would be farther out to the side, or farther up. And now that I've felt what I think are kicks near my ribcage, I'm pretty sure that he's still head down.

Anyway, tonight, hubby and I FINALLY we able to feel our son punching us on the outside!!! Most of the other pregnant women I know have already felt this, but they also started out with a lot less belly fat! lol I thought it would take a lot longer for us to feel it, but I guess not! We're so excited!!!


Lexie's thoughts said...

thats awesome! i wanna feel!!

Sumer said...

YAY!! that is so awesome!!

Lindsey said...

Ben has only felt Esther by putting his ear on my belly. He is so impatient! He won't sit and wait!
I feel Esther every few hours (whenever she is awake)... it happened SO fast. One day I just felt her every so often and the next day it was as if it was clock work. I love watching my belly jump and move. It makes me laugh!!
Keep us posted on more movement! :)

Sumer said...

Hey there - just wanted to let you know I have an award waiting for you on my blog:)

Sue said...

I saw this post a little late but I wanted to say yay!!! that's great:-) My girl is breech so I'm hoping that will change...but I've been guessing at the bumps and kicks too and I think I was totally wrong,lol.