Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beware: TMI POST!!!

I'll be talking about my mucus plug, so if you're squeamish, please close out of your internet browser now.

OK, if anyone is still with me....

I went pee earlier, and when I wiped, there was some gooey mucus on the toilet paper. I stuck my finger up there, and there was stringy, gooey mucus, and a chunk the size of a jelly bean came out. I was like, "Oh cool. My mucus plug." It felt like a sticky, wet booger, and was slightly translucent, and off-white with a slightly yellowish tinge.

Fast forward another 30 minutes or so. I go pee again. I wipe. The toilet paper pulls out more mucus. I can feel it stretch out and come to the outside. So I keep getting fresh, dry toilet paper and keep wiping, and it keeps coming out. Some of it had little brownish flecks in it. I got a few more big globs (bigger than the first). If I put it all together, I'd probably have a golf ball-sized hunk of mucus. I was definitely not expecting this much. I mean, I've Googled "mucus plug", and everything I found looked like the jelly bean-sized chunk I pulled out the first time. Now, I'm REALLY crampy. I have a feeling that my water is gonna break. You know that snapping sound that a water balloon makes when it bursts? I feel like I'm just going to sit up and hear that sound. I REALLY don't want to go into labor tonight, otherwise hubby wouldn't be able to tune in until sometime late tomorrow morning, and my doctor is at Bellevue. I'd go to Albany Med, regardless, and I guess just be delivered by whoever's on-call, but it would be nice to have my doctor there, because I actually like and trust her.

Stay in there, Marius!! (At least until tomorrow night, when Dr. Burstyn can make it to Albany Med!)


Lindsey said...

OMG! I love you! HAHA! Keep your legs crossed!!!
Ben was so fascinated when I lost my mucus plug. It was very wild, to say the least.
About not being able to see new posts I make... I think it's because my blog is private now. I'm sorry:( My friend Kara's blog is private and I can't see when she posts new blogs. I wonder if there is a way for it to email you when I post a new blog?

Abigail said...

LMAO! You crack me up. Don't sweat it! You can lose your plug up to 2 weeks prior before going into active labor. I didn't lose mine with my boys, but lost it with Kimber a week before my c-section.

(Just don't go sticking your finger up there anymore. You'll risk infection!!!)

So freakin' excited for you!!!