Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was supposed to go for a repeat CT scan today, but they did a head MRI last night & can actually see the bleed better on the MRI. The doctor hasn't been in to see me yet today, but my nurse this morning said that the blood is still there. She said it doesn't look like it's still bleeding, it just hasn't reabsorbed yet. I'll have to ask the doctor how long that might take.

The hospital I'm at now (Ellis) is GREAT. Their nursing staff is amazing & they're so accomodating. My milk started coming in on Tuesday. Ellis doesn't have an L&D unit- Bellevue is their birthing facility a few miles away. The ER I went to was at Ellis' smaller satellite campus, & when we found out they had to transfer & admit me, we asked if they could provide me with a pump so I didn't get engorged & end up with more problems. The pump was in my room when I arrived. I was so impressed. I'm getting about 2oz/breast with each session. I have to dump it, but at least I can keep my supply coming. More later. xoxo

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Lindsey said...

I'm glad they were able to get you a pump! When I was in bed last night I was wondering if your milk had come in yet and what you were going to do.
Hang in there! You're one tough cookie! I have lots of friends that are praying for you.