Friday, February 5, 2010

Down to the WIRE!!!

Today marks 39 weeks! Holy cow!

I ran some errands yesterday, which included going to the mall to buy my new camera, so I decided to walk around the mall for like 20-30 min, plus the hour+ I spent standing in Best Buy. Last night after I got home, I started getting pretty crampy, then was getting some twinges in my cervix, then I stood up and had constant pain/pressure right across the front from hip bone to hip bone. So I paced around the house for a lil while, went up and down the stairs to switch laundry over, and the whole time I was getting shooting pains on and off that would stop me dead in my tracks until they passed. They weren't spaced apart at any specific interval, and I didn't notice any hardening at the top of my uterus, but I figured they were contractions, since I've never felt anything like that before.

Well, I had the same shooting pain (just once) while I was hooked to the monitors for my weekly NST today at Dr. Burstyn's office. It was confirmed that it was indeed a contraction. Woo hoo!! However, Sue (the NP) checked me and said my cervix is starting to thin slightly, but no dilation. Also... Sue was like "So, have you talked to the doctor about induction?" I told her how I talked to the doctor on Tuesday, but she was booked at Bellevue for the time I would be induced. She then said, "Well, it looks like we can get you into Albany Med to start Cervidil on Thursday night if you don't go into labor before then." WOO HOOO!!! I will have a baby by Friday night. Sooooo freakin' excited!!!!


Lindsey said...

Woah!! How exciting!!!
You'll have to keep us posted on everything! Ben ended up twittering my progress... I think it was just to give him something to do:)
I never experienced hardening at the top of my uterus during contractions. Everything was down low. Yes, "twinges" is a good word to describe them!
It's hard to believe that in a week you will have little Marius in your arms!