Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey guys. Can't get on the computer. Spinal headache is KILLER, like I have helicopters in my head. New medicine today, so hopefully I'll get some relief soon.

Marius is doing well. I'm so freakin' smitten it isn't funny. He's so perfect in every way, and although I pushed him out and have a couple stitches to prove it, I STILL can't believe he's mine. Kylief and I made this perfect little tiny person, and damn, doesn't he look like a mixture of both of us. His hair is the exact same color as mine- it looks black, but it's actually really really dark espresso. The shape of his lips is the same as mine, but his mouth isn't narrow like mine- it's wide like his daddy's. He's got the same exact ears as Kylief (everyone always comments on how small Kyllief's ears are. Everyone has commented on how cute Marius' are.) He has long fingers and big feet like his daddy. AND he didn't come out white! Lol

Full birth story later. Hope all my fellow moms & expectant moms are doing well! xoxo


Abigail said...

He's beautiful Ambam!

Lexie's thoughts said...

yayy!!! he's too cute. I can't wait to hold him!