Friday, February 19, 2010

It's funny how things work out..

So we all know how the military wouldn't let hubby come home to see the birth of his son. But he got to see the WHOLE THING on webcam, which was absolutely AMAZING. Then I ended up in the ER, found out I had a subdural hematoma, and they still weren't gonna send him home. In his panic to run and alert one of his superior officers, he managed to seriously injure his foot. He landed on it wrong and has a bad contusion and is in a ton of pain. Now the military says he's unfit to perform his duties for 2 weeks, so it'll set him back 2 weeks in school. BUT.... THEY'RE SENDING HIM HOME FOR A WEEK!!!! It's so crazy how things work out. It sucks that his foot is all messed up, but now he gets to see his son when he's a week old instead of having to wait until he's 3 months old to meet him for the first time! I feel so blessed. Now I can take those pictures I've always wanted- little Marius in
his daddy's big ol' hands.

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