Monday, February 22, 2010

No progress to report today. Still in a shitload of pain. It's better when i'm laying down than when i'm upright, but now from trying to stay down so much my neck muscles don't feel strong enough to support my head when i sit up or stand. I'm just trying to stay positive and push through it. I just keep thinking about getting better so i can take care of Marius. I feel like i'm missing out on everything. He's 10 days old today. I can't believe it. I feel so left out. Everyone else is taking care of him and i can't do shit. He loves spending time with his daddy, and hubby has done such an awesome job taking care of him around the clock. Marius' umbilical stump fell off today, and i couldn't even see. Now he can take real baths and wear outfits with pants, but i can't bathe or dress him :( I'm getting frustrated. I want to do so much with him. I want to take real photos of him with my
new camera.

I wish I knew what was going on with my girls. Sue, I hope Teagan has arrived by now!

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