Monday, July 13, 2009

8w5d ultrasound

Here's my sono from last Wednesday.
I know, I know. It's a little late (almost a week), but better late than never, right? Our son is starting to look less like a jelly bean and more like a human being (or whatever the heck his father is). It's really amazing to see him change and grow!

Oh, and I just want to mention that I have the BEST hubby in the whole world!!! Love ya! ♥


Sumer said...

AWWW I love ultrasound pics!! Especially when you can see the development progressing at such incredible rates.

Have you decided on an OB yet? or which hospital you would prefer to deliver at? (I've heard some negitive things about certain ones)

How many embro's did Dr.G recommend for you? Is he open for suggestions if you don't agree? I can't see spending all this money to only transfer one. This is a one shot deal for us - due to money. It is all coming out of our pockets. I am hoping to go with a 2-3 transfer (I would LOVE to have twins lol).

Amber said...

I have no idea what OB I'm going with. I know I want to deliver at Albany Med. I absolutely HATE St. Peters. I had 2 surgeries there, and my old doctor who I hate was affiliated with them, and I definitely did not have the best experience. If you could recommend a good OB, I'd definitely appreciate it. I have an appointment with Drs. Burack and Lee tomorrow. They're associated with Alb Med, so we'll see how that goes. I just need one, ASAP. It's been a week since I've seen my lil man and I'm going crazy!

Dr.G recommended no more than 2 for me, probably because of the success rate for my age/medical history. I'd say the heck with it - go with 2! If they both took, at least you'd have an arm for each baby, and you wouldn't have to worry about selective reduction NEARLY as much as you would with triplets.