Monday, July 13, 2009

Hectic week.

OK, time for a recap.

One, my laptop totally crapped out. Super pissed about that, because I've only had it for about 7 months. Waiting for HP to send me a box so I can send it to them for repair. Luckily, the computer place down the street was able to recover my files and pictures from my hard drive. PHEW!!!

Hubby and I are currently sharing a twin size mattress. Not fun. Hoping to go get a grown-up bed this week.

Had last appointment with CNY Fertility Center on Weds (7/8). Will post ultrasound pic later. Glad hubby got to go. Sad to leave there, but now I'm discharged to an OB. Still trying to find one. I have an appointment with one this week, so hopefully I'll like them and can just stick with them. I've been spoiled with weekly ultrasounds, and I'm hoping my new doctor will do one at least every 2 weeks to keep me from going absolutely crazy until I can actually feel the baby move.

Hubby bought us an Xbox, so now when I'm home and feel like crap, I can play games and interact with other people. I'm addicted to Left 4 Dead. Still trying to master Team Fortress 2. It's really fun, but also pretty difficult.

Hubby has been so cute. The last 2 mornings he woke up and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. He went out and got me whatever I wanted. I love him. He really is the best.

Ummmm.... let's see... what else has been going on?

Oh. Last Wednesday after my appointment, we went to tell my grandparents that we're expecting. They were so happy. Hubby was nervous about telling his parents, but he did that on Saturday, and it went really well. They're so excited!!! Most of my family knows now, especially after Lexie's graduation party yesterday, which was fun. It was nice having both our families together for a big cookout.

Still no success with baby names yet. Hubby has shot down all the names I've suggested, but still hasn't come up with any suggestions himself. Go figure. lol

Can't think of anything else at the moment.

Over & out.


Sumer said...

Congrats on graduating to a regular OB! You are a source of inspiration to me as I am just getting ready to start my IVF journey (@CNY... IVF consult with grossman).

Amber said...

Thank you! I'm so glad I'm able to help you through your journey. Dr. Grossman is great- he tells it like it is, but is also human, which is a rare combination. Which CNY location are you going to?

Sumer said...

Sorry, I am going to CNY in latham. Its like 15 minutes from my house, thankfully I wont have to travel far for my appointments.