Thursday, July 30, 2009

Capital Region OBGYNs can shove it.

Chapter 2 of the doctor hunt.

It looks like Drs. Clark and Clements in Latham might be the ones. The Albany Med Women's Wellness Center can't get me in til August 24, but I'll be 15.5 weeks then, so no chance of an NT scan. Dr. Dropkin over behind Stuyvesant Plaza can't get me in til 14 weeks. Struck out there, too.

My friend that I used to work with had a high-risk pregnancy (she had 13 unexplained miscarriages before one finally took) said she went to Dr. Clark's office and they were very attentive to her, and she could see them frequently. She said they were also good about getting her in at the last minute if necessary.

So I called the receptionist there and explained the shit that happened with Dr. Lee's office (which she thought was bullshit, too), and she said to have CNY fax over my prenatal records and she's gonna try like hell to squeeze me in for an NT scan. I called CNY and they said they would fax them within the hour (which they did, because they are the most accomodating medical practice in the whole world).

Sharon said she'd call me when she got the records from CNY and see what she can do about squeezing me in.

Welllll.... I have an appointment August 10th for my first trimester screening/NT scan. I'll be 13w3d then, instead of between the 10-13 week range, but close enough. Better than not having one at all, right? I can't imagine that 3 days would completely skew the results. Plus, it's just another way for me to see my lil man!