Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So Lindsey's post about her dogs made me think about pets, and reminded me of something our cat Zoe did last night.

I had a progesterone suppository sitting on my nightstand before I went to bed. I knew Fame wouldn't go anywhere near it, so I wans't worried. Zoe jumped on my bed and started walking onto my nightstand, so I picked up the capsule before she knocked it on the floor (not the most graceful cat in the world). She went over to the bottle of progesterone (capped, of course) and started sniffing it and rubbing against it. I looked at her, and her pupils were dilated like crazy! I opened the bottle to let her smell them, and she tried to lick them, so I put the bottle in a box so she couldn't get it. I was holding the suppository from the nightstand between my thumb and forefinger and showed it to her. She tried to chomp on it. She was seriously acting like she does with catnip. It was so strange. What is in a Prometrium suppository that drives felines crazy???

Well, this is the cat that also licks dogs. Here's a picture of her licking Fame's big ol' noggin:

Fame loves his kitty, and Zoe loves him right back.


Abigail said...

I have found your blog, thanks to Lindsey... and that is absolutely freaking hilarious about your cat... I am currently 17 wks, 5 days preggo with my third. Apparently, I know, TMI... my hubby's got some strong swimmers because I have pretty much the same mommy-part issues you have... I had to take progesterone injections (I opted not for the supps because I just can't do those... and my hubby's a paramedic, former Marine, and is able to give me the IM shots) so I understand a lot about what you've blogged about in previous posts!

I am completely happy for you and your "Airman"!!! Happy baby cooking!

Amber said...

Thank you so much! And congrats on your lil Devil Pup on the way! (Oh, what the military does to us! lol)

I'm so jealous that you got to do the injections. I absolutely HATE these damn supps, and definitely don't want them in there when hubby comes home. But oh well. Only 4 more weeks to go on em, so I'll just deal. I've made it this far. lol

If I knew it was safe for the cat to eat a supp, I'd totally give her one, just to see how she'd react, but I'm not gonna take the chance. I don't need a crazy, raging, hormonal, doped-up feline running around, and I'd be so afraid something in it would hurt her.

Lindsey said...

One of the nurses at my OBGYN is doing the progesterone injections. Eeek... I feel sorry for you gals.

I got my blood test results back from last Friday and everything came back great. No diabetes, anemia, bad blood type, etc. etc. I was very thankful. My mom seems to be a "problem child" when it comes to all things being wrong with her. I was scared I was going to get the short end of the stick (just like I did with infertility) and end up with tons of issues.

Call me weird but... I don't like cats :( It's something about them going to the bathroom in a box that smells like crap in the house. And they are so hormonal. I love my submissive dogs and that they think I am god.

When are you doing your early gender test? ONce your husband gets home???? Please post pictures and the results:) I am VERY excited... and impatient!!! Dang it!

Abigail said...

Amber, don't think the shots are better...

The shots hurt like hell. They're oil based and very thick, so you have to use a very large, thick needle and go slowly injecting. And I wasn't allowed to have sex or ANYTHING with hubby until second trimester (12 weeks of course), regardless of the fact that I was on the shots. So, it's not all that it's cracked up to be. The outside portion of my left leg is still numb from all the shots from us hitting a nerve, and I still have bruising left over 8 weeks later.

Have you had a sono yet??

Amber said...

Lindsey - I'm not a big fan of cats, either. They're too prissy and tempremental. But I'm staying at my mom's right now and can't sleep with the door closed cuz Fame comes and goes during the night, so I can't keep her out. And she and Fame love each other. I've never seen an animal snuggle with (what's supposed to be) it's arch enemy, especially when Fame is almost 10x her weight.

I'm gonna do the gender test at 8w6d, to keep it the same time frame as yours, so that will be... let's see... Monday 7/9!

Abbi - Whatever form of progesterone, I'm pretty sure it all sucks. lol It'll still make you bloated and crampy, right? lol I'm not afraid of needles at all- I have a bunch of tattoos and have had my share of piercings throughout the years. I'll just be happy to get off this crap at 12wks.

My next ultrasound is scheduled for Weds 7/8. This will be the last one with the Fertility Center before I get discharged to an OB. However, I have yet to find an OB. The dr I was using was in NYC (2.5 hrs away), but I don't really have the money for train tickets and whatnot right now, so I'm hunting for an OB in my area. Unfortunately, the earliest appt any of them had was July 9th, so I'll just start from there, I guess.

Abigail said...

July 9th is a good day! That's my littliest monkey's 3rd birthday! I have to go back to my OB on the 8th for a weight check... God forbid I don't gain tons of weight like I did with my first two...

I had lost about 8 pounds first trimester, and still haven't gained any of it back. I have nice round belly with a kickin' little monkey in there tho! They're just worried because by now, I should've gained about 8 - 10 pounds. I guess I'm just busier now and eating healthier! I'm not too worried about it, but whatever, it's what we're paying them for right??