Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting anxious...

My next OB appointment is scheduled for this Weds (FINALLY!). I'm nervous, because 1. This is the longest I've gone without an appointment, and 2. At least 5 women that I talk to have lost their babies within this time frame (9-12 wks). I know I shouldn't worry, but it's hard when you can't just get knocked up again if something goes wrong. I feel like I have a lot more at stake (not to mention a lot more time, effort, and discomfort put into this) than the average woman.

According to my last ultrasound, baby Tucker was hanging out to the right of my belly button, and I think I'm starting to feel him there. Not in the sense of him moving around and kicking me and whatnot - it's too early to be feeling that. But when I bend or move certain ways, I definitely feel pressure there. Something is taking up space that wasn't previously occupied. While that is reassuring, I'm also scared that maybe he's too far to the right and this is a cornual pregnancy, which can be viable for a lot longer than an ectopic- the baby has more room to grow, but it's still not usually enough space. The ultrasound tech didn't say anything at my last appointment, but I'm also not familiar with the people at this practice (that was my first visit there), and I never got to see the doctor that visit. Maybe that's why I'm worrying so much? I'm probably just paranoid, but I can't help but worry.

I love you, lil man! ♥


Abigail said...

Girl, stop stressing!!! They would've been able to see if it was a cornual pregnancy at your previous ultrasounds! What you're probably feeling is your growing uterus! Just stop worrying so much, baby feels it! ;) You're doing awesome!

Lindsey said...

You know WAY too much! Corunal pregnancy? Hello hypochondriac! Stop worrying!
I understand the feeling to NEED to worry. I've been there (still am!!). But there is only so much YOU can do. You CAN take care of yourself (by not worrying!). And you can get lots of rest and not over do it.
You need some Yoga!
We aren't like some women who just get looked at and then they're pregnant! And I understand this can be a stressful and emotional thing:). Hang in there and don't read so much online!

Sherry said...

I always worried the first 3 months. I can remember feeling a sigh of relief when I got past that point. Your and baby Tucker are going to do great!!!

Good luck tomorrow!