Friday, July 3, 2009

Super annoyed at the USAF, and ready to punch my cousin.

Hubby called this morning. The Air Force base screwed up his itinerary/airline ticket info. They put his destination, but someone else's name on it. So they told him they'd fix it, and to come back later to get his stuff. He went in there twice today, and it still wasn't ready. The third time he tried to go, the freakin' place was closed. If he isn't able to fly out on Monday, he has to wait a whole 'nother week. That damn office BETTER be open on Sunday, or they BETTER get this mess straightened out before Monday, or my hormonal a$$ is gonna storm San Antonio!

He said if they don't get this straightened out by Monday, he's gonna look into taking a commercial flight home, which sucks, 'cause it'll cost $350+. The Air Force is responsible for his transportation. They better work something out. There's no reason he should have to spend that kind of money out-of-pocket when his flight was supposed to be taken care of by the military.

Plus, we need that money for a new bed. :)

On another note, I think morning sickness is starting to kick in even more. I'm 8 weeks today, and I was VERY close to puking this morning, and still felt sick through the early afternoon. Haven't felt this bad so far. I somehow managed to not throw up all over the hair salon this morning when I walked in there and smelled all the chemicals (I almost threw up in the car on the way there). I was supposed to have the 1st appointment, but I made Grandma go first so I could get fresh air and try to rid myself of the pukey feeling.

I went to my cousin James' graduation party, and promptly left, because his sister Nicole is the biggest bitch on the face of the earth. Every time I see her lately, she gives me an attitude for no reason. I'm so sick of it. She's been a bitch to me since we were little. She's a little over 2 years younger than me, but she acts like she's freakin' half my age.

I rode with my other cousin to the party, and it was pouring outside (it was on outdoor party), so she turned the car around so she could let me out as close as possiible to the canopy they had up. We pull up, and Nicole walks over to the passenger side of the car. Remember: it's POURING. And now she's standing in front of my door so I can't even get out of the car. My cousin rolls down my window to say that her kitten (which we had just picked up from the vet) is better (he recuperated from a respiratory infection). That's the end of the conversation. My window is still down. My arm is getting soaked, as are the power window/lock controls on the inside of the door. I tell Nicole, "I'm getting wet," and begin to roll up the window, and she throws a fuckin' hissy fit. She rolls her eyes, gives me "the palm", turns, and stomps away. She's gonna lose her teeth one of these days, I swear. I can't beat the shit outta her for another 7 months, though, because I'm not gonna risk possibly getting hit in the stomach, even though she can't fight for shit :)


Lindsey said...

Flying out of San Antonio is VERY expensive. It's ridiculous. I live 5 hours away from San Anotnio. We were buying a car on Craigs List from SA and were going to do a one way flight there but it was outrageous (I think it was $325 one way)... so we rented a car (one way) which was outrageous too (but much cheaper.

WELCOME TO 8 WEEKS! It was 8 weeks where I took a turn for the worse. Do what you have to do to make yourself comfortable:)

Amber said...

Why does San Antonio suck so bad?? lol

Perhaps I'll call my doctor and request some Zofran!

Abigail said...

Zofran makes the world go round!

Sorry about your hubby! Welcome to the world of being a military spouse... they'll screw you every chance they get sweetie. Get a good support group around you, you'll definitely need it!! ;)