Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So fucking annoyed.

I think I hate this OB practice, but I have no idea where to go next. Remember how I had an appointment 2 weeks ago at 9w5d, and couldn't see the doctor because he had a delivery? Well, today (11w5d), I went in, and all I saw was the fuckin nurse practitioner, even though I was scheduled to have an appointment with Dr. Lee (who was -surprise- out on a delivery when we got there, but got back before I finished all my paperwork and stuff). So I STILL haven't met any of the doctors in the office, and am not comfortable AT ALL.

The first thing I was told when I got in there was that I wasn't getting an ultrasound today. The next one would be at 20 weeks. Not comfortable with that either.

The NP asked me all sorts of questions today, including if I wanted to have a 1st trimester screening/NT scan, and I said yes. She said hopefully MFM could get me in to do it, because I'm almost 12 weeks now, and they have to do it before 13 weeks. Now why the FUCK wasn't this brought up at the last appointment, if they knew it might take a while to get me an appointment with MFM????

On top of that, she asked me like 5 times if the 1st trimester screening showed an increased risk of Down's syndrome or trisomy 18 if I would want to abort. I kept telling her no, and she kept fucking asking.

I need a new OB asap. I fuckin hate that place.


Sumer said...

My current OB/GYN is Albany Med's Women's Wellness Center in Latham. Dr. (Sylvia) Pilpel is awesome. There are several doctors in the office as well as midwives if that is something you are looking for. I'm changing when I get pregnant only due to not wanting to deliver at Albany Med.

Abigail said...

I know how frustrated you are. I didn't actually see my OB until I was 16 weeks pregnant. I only saw the NP and her PA. They are more than qualified to handle high risk pregnancies. However, if you're still getting a bad vibe from the office, switch. Also, most OB offices are not doing sono's until 20 and then 24 weeks because insurance companies are not paying for the extra ones AT ALL. (I work in a medical office, so I am fully aware that this is not something that offices are making up.)

If you don't like them, call the hospital that you will be delivering at and get a list of OBs that round there and start making some phone calls. You can tell a lot by the personality of the person who answers your phone call to schedule an appointment.

Amber said...

Thanks guys.

Abbi - I'm definitely switching doctors. The people at this office aren't people people. They're like robots and just shuffle you along.

Sumer - It looks like Dr. Pilpel is covered by my insurance, so I'll definitely be calling the office tomorrow. I didn't really want to drive all the way to Latham, especially since my most frequent visits will be in the winter. However, it does give me an excuse to frequent the Marshalls, TJ Maxx and AC Moore that are over there! lol

Abigail said...

That's the problem with sooooo many doctor's offices now. There's a doctor's blog that I read that I came to through Lindsey's. Musings of ... Don't remember the rest of it. He's amazing! You should read some of his stuff!