Sunday, July 5, 2009

So anxious.

Haven't heard from hubby yet. I really really really really really hope they can straighten out this whole mess with his flight home. I need to see him, and another week without him is gonna be torture. I've been counting down, looking forward to Monday, July 6 for 8 weeks now. I hate the fact that the date is almost here, but he may not be.

My 8 week appointment was supposed to be this past Friday, but I scheduled it for 8w5d so he could be here. If he doesn't come home on Monday, that means I'll have gone through 5 extra days of worrying about my lil man, hoping he's ok, wishing I could just hear his heartbeat. I guess if he doesn't get to come home, I can always try to reschedule the appointment for Monday or Tuesday, but this is our last appointment with CNY Fertility Center, before we get discharged to an OB, and I really wanted him to come with me.

Arrggghhhhh. I hate this.


Sherry said...

Earl always went to my OB appointments with me and it meant so much to me. I hope Tucker made it home!

My fingers are crossed!