Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not much to post...

Still laptop-less.

No grown-up bed yet, but we managed to put 2 twin size mattresses on the floor. Not ideal, but much better than sharing a single twin.

Love the new phone hubby got me, except the freakin' mobile web sucks at life. But the phone is purple, which is really sweet.

Hubby is hunting for a house for us. He's the greatest! I can't wait til we can finally get one and can settle in (not to mention the fact that I get to do all the interior decorating. Woo hoo!)

What else has been going on? Hmmm....

Anthony will be 2 in two days. He had a birthday party yesterday, which was fun. He has another one coming up next weekend. I'm so excited to give him the presents I got for him. I got him a Bob the Builder talking toolbelt with tools. It's swwwweeeeet! He loves Bob ("Baa") right now. "Bob" is pronounced "Baa".

We FINALLLLLY got him to say "two". Up until this point, every number has been "nine". He tries to hold up two fingers, but it looks more like a demented gang sign than anything. But he tries. That's all that matters.

On Friday, Anthony helped me and Lexie make sugar cookies for his birthday party. He had soooo much fun rolling out (and eating) the dough and pushing down the cookie cutters. And eating the cookies, of course!

I'll post pictures when I'm not feeling so lazy and tired. lol