Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chubby girl belly shots!

I finally got brave enough to take some belly pics. I felt kind of weird, because I'm pretty self-conscious about my stomach area to begin with, and all of my fellow preggers are pretty thin. They all have this cute little bump forming, and my belly just went BOOM! and popped out like 4 times as much! The strange thing is, I'm still 2 lbs UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight!

Here I was at 6.5 weeks:

And here I am today at 13.5 weeks:


My belly is catching up to my boobs. I've NEVER been able to look down and see my belly (or my feet, or anything else that extends within a 1.5 ft radius of my core for that matter), but now if I look down and lean forward a little, I can see a little bit of belly. It's crazy!!! I wonder if my boobs are gonna grow? I sure hope not.


Melissa Griffin said...

I think you look wonderful!!!!!

Amber said...

Thank you!!!

Sumer said...

Boobs are definately gonna grow lol... especially when your milk comes in. Not sure if you are breastfeeding or not but if you are they get bigger again as baby drinks more milk...supply and demand.

P.S I think the belly is cute. Rock the prego belly!

Lexie's thoughts said...

i agree. you look fab-u-lous!

Amber said...

I'm definitely gonna breastfeed. These things have been useless to me so far in life- I can't run, can't play golf, they're heavy to carry around, and men tend to mistake them for my face lol At least they're good for SOMETHING!