Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Did I feel the baby move???

I've never been pregnant before, so I have NO idea what the baby moving is supposed to feel like. Before last night, I felt fluttering in my uterus every once in a while.

Last night, shortly after hubby and I went to bed, I felt... I don't know how to describe it. Like, a flipping in my uterus area, if that makes any sense. Something shifted and COMPLETELY changed the way my abdomen felt. It shifted the pressure that was there. As I said, I don't know what it's supposed to feel like when the baby moves, especially this early on, but I can't think of anything else that I can possibly chalk this up to. I didn't have gas. I didn't have to use the bathroom at all. They say thinner women tend to feel movement earlier than heavier women, but after years of feeling different pains and having to differentiate between them I'm also very in tune with different sensations in my pelvic area.

I'm excited about the prospect that I may have felt the baby move, but I've heard you don't really feel that until 16-20 weeks. I'm 14.5 weeks now, and I know he's been measuring about 3 days ahead (so we'll estimate his size at 15w1d), but he's still not as big as he would be at 16 weeks. Any ideas???


Sumer said...

It is hard to explain how it feels to feel the baby move (did that make sense?).... my best guess is... YES you did feel the baby! You would know if it was gas (which it wasn't) so I am betting it was baby Tucker. It is early but everone is different and like you said you are so in tune with what is going on due to your past.


Amber said...

Thanks! It's nice to know I'm not imagining things! lol

Lindsey said...

I have no clue:). I am right there with ya in the "never been there" category!
I felt "popcorn" movements on Monday night. But who knows? I thought it was cool but I am REALLY looking forward to around 20 weeks when it starts jabbing me! :)

Lexie's thoughts said...

I think you did!!! yayyy!!!!!