Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting used to being a "normal" pregnant woman

I haven't really had much to report lately, and I just figured out why. As an IVF patient, I was constantly being monitored. I was in the doctor's office all the time and I went in for ultrasounds weekly. I pretty much got the celebrity treatment - all the people who worked there were so excited for me and it was awesome. I got to see my baby all the time, and he was constantly changing.

Now that I've graduated from my RE to a regular OB, I'm being treated like your average "hey-look-I'm-knocked-up-again" kind of patient. There's no excitement from the staff there. They're like robots compared to my RE's office.

Now my only ultrasounds are set for 20 weeks (5.5 weeks away) and 34 weeks (a LIFETIME away!) Waiting that long SUCKS. I can't see all the incredible changes that are taking place with my son. He's going to be completely different the next time I see him, which isn't a bad thing, but it was nice being able to see that progression before. It was so fascinating.

The only thing I can do now is wait. One of my aunts works as a radiologist in a hospital in this area and she knows all the girls that work in ultrasound, so I told her, if any of their ultrasonographers ever needed practice, I'd willingly be a guinea pig. That's my only hope at seeing him sooner.