Monday, August 10, 2009

NT scan, take 1.

Today (13w3d) was my first attempt at an NT scan. Let me tell you - Dr. Clark's office is 100% better than Dr. Lee's. Except for the ultrasound tech today- she was a total bitch and both me and Lexie wanted to slap the shit out of her.

I would like to report that Baby Tucker looked a lot like a dinosaur today. From certain angles we saw his spine and all his individual ribs, and the way he was positioned made him look like a dinosaur skeleton in a museum. He's 11.8cm (4.64in) long, and is heart rate was 144bpm. His legs were moving like crazy, and me and Lexie joked that he was in there working out already.

They weren't able see much of the back of his neck today because he was head down, and his head is really low in my pelvis. I told the ultrasound tech that I would be OK with a transvaginal ultrasound, and she said "We don't do that" in a very bitchy manner. So now I have to go in on Wednesday for another scan, and I'm hoping the baby moves and is in a different position so the doctor can see his neck.

And how come everyone else is getting like 2 or 3 different pictures of their babies? I get one. If they really want to be nice, they print the same shot twice. What the hell?

Stay tuned for NT scan, take 2. Hopefully that one will work out a little better.


Lindsey said...

Know what I have found???
I feel a blog coming on:)
So I shall blog about it:)

Abigail said...

Come to Texas!!! Nicer OBs down here! Must be the southern hospitality! ;) Plus, my NP or PA or my actual OB does my sonos... no sono-techs...

Melissa Griffin said...

Good Luck, I hope the next one goes well for you. We just finished ours and all our results - glad its over!
Keep us posted!!!

Sue said...

Its funny when they are weird about the transvaginal u/s...I mean, us IF girls are so darned used to that thing. Plus, it gets a much better angle and picture! Sorry about the pic...and that he wasn't in good position but at least you get another u/s! I haven't seen our little girl in over 3 weeks now and I have one more week to go! (jealous). I hope he cooperates better on the next one!

Sumer said...

YAY Baby Tucker is doing good...even if he is looking dinosaur-ish...he's rockin' in =)

I sent you an email... not sure if you got it...hopefully I sent it to the right address LOL knowing my luck...

Hopefully wednesday he will be in a more cooperative position!

Amber said...

Abbi - I would LOVE to just uproot and hightail it out west. But unfortunately, all my family is in NY, with the exception of one uncle in KY.

And I'm not sure that hubby would enjoy it all that much. He was just down there for 8 weeks for Basic Training and got bit in the upper thigh (almost in the butt) by a rattlesnake, which he then bashed to death with the butt of his M-9. I don't think he's the biggest fan of the Lone Star State right now lol

But barring those factors, I'd be all for it! lol

Melissa - thanks!! Turn baby, turn!!

Sue - I would totally rather have a transvaginal u/s. That woman pressed so hard on my uterus and bladder yesterday that I was pretty crampy for about 5.5 hours afterward. Plus, you're right- the pictures are so much better!! After this, I'm gonna have to wait until 20w for the next u/s :(

Sumer - it's all good, because I LOVE dinosaurs! Yesterday after the appointment, me and Lexie went shopping and I found 3 outfits for him with dinos on them. I was so excited. The one outfit even has booties with little claws on them!

April said...

Congrats!!!! I had to figure out how to make my profile private, but really couldn't lol... I may need to get blogger 101 from ya lol