Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good thing I changed OBs.

My mom just told me about an article she read in our local newspaper a few weeks ago. Remember Dr. Lee's office? The one I had bad feelings about, didn't feel comfortable there, and never got to meet with the doctor?

Welll.... come to find out, Dr. Lee is being sued for malpractice. He did a c-section on a woman, there were complications, and she wasn't properly monitored. They sent her over to ICU, and the ICU doctor told Dr. Lee that he needed to get her back in the OR and open her up. Dr. Lee disagreed with the on-call ICU doctor, and the woman ended up bleeding to death. Come to find out, she was hemmhoraging, but he didn't want to open her up and find out. I feel so bad for her family. She already had one child, and this was her second. Now her husband is raising 2 children by himself, and the youngest never got to meet her mother simply because of a doctor's stubbonness.

I mean, c'mon, yeah c-sections are considered "major" surgery, but still. The main complications of it are hemorrhaging and infection. Thank God I changed OBs.

Here's the article.


Abigail said...

Two words: Holy shit.

Sherry said...

I hope you like Dr. Clark's office. I really like the Dr.'s there.


Amber said...

Sherry - i feel very comfortable at Dr. Clark's office. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff is friendly (except for the ultrasound tech the first time I went, but we're cool now. lol) I've met 3/4 doctors (Dr. Clark has been on vacation). I like Drs. Klein and Syeda- they're really nice. I can tolerate Dr. Clements - he seems cold and clinical, but he knows what he's talking about. Not sure he would have the best bedside manner. Overall, a good place to be!