Sunday, August 9, 2009


Surprisingly, hubby brought this topic up today: He realized he had no pictures of me on his computer or anything, and we haven't taken a picture together since September '07 when we went to Vegas. So, we're going to start looking for a photographer to take some photos of us. We don't want to go with a really commerical photographer (like the Picture People, or even Sears or Walmart photo studios), but a smaller business or independent photographer. So, the search is on!

Today, my mom's cousin Tom came over with his wife RaeAnn and their two daughters. They asked me to take some headshots of their daughter Tabitha who is a sophomore in high school and wants to get into modeling. She wants to start by submitting some photos to Deb and other places. She needed them ASAP, so I wasn't able to use my 35mm film camera, which I LOVE. With some trepidation, I used my $150 digital camera. I was afraid they were going to come out crappy, but I'm pretty happy with the way they came out, considering the camera I used, and the fact that all we did was hang bedsheets from the ceiling in the basement. lol Not too shabby, I say!