Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arrrgh! Burnt pasta!!!

I'm having a bad day. I'm just too tired to function properly, I guess. First, I ordered a big photo album to use for Marius' baby book (I mean, this thing is 12x16". It's rather large.) I had been watching this site for months, waiting for a free shipping coupon, and nothing. So on New Years Eve, I sucked it up and ordered it anyway, because I wanted to get started on the pregnancy part of the memory book. I had to pay TWELVE FREAKIN' DOLLARS for shipping on that damn thing. And don't I wake up to an e-mail from the company this morning - this week they're offering free shipping on all orders over $25. What the hell??? And they won't even credit me with the shipping because I "already used a cyber coupon". Yeah. Ok. I managed to find a coupon for 10% off my purchase, because that's all they were offering at the time. I saved $4.50. Big whoop.

So that's that. I'm tired. I'm hungry. We have NOTHING in the house that's ready-to-eat, so I decide to make the pasta portion of Hamburger Helper, because we don't have any hamburger. So I put it on our crappy ass stove, where the burners heat up with a mind of their own. I sit back down on the couch, am looking at baby stuff, then go to get up and stir the pasta. My back starts spasming like crazy, so I have to remain on the couch for a couple minutes til it passes. I make it to the stove, and this shit is at a hard boil, and I can smell some scorch-iness. I tried to stir it, and the pasta was stuck to the bottom of the pot. The noodles that broke loose were a nice dark brown where they were touching the bottom of the pan. NEVER in my 24 years have I EVER burned pasta. I'm Italian. We don't do that. It's like, a sin.

But you know what? I'm eating that crap anyway, because we don't have shit else to eat. And it's actually not half bad. lol