Friday, January 22, 2010

Met my new doctor!

I like her! She's nice, she listens to me, she's relatively young. I feel much better about her delivering my baby than the cranky asses over at the other place.

Went for an NST this morning. Marius was moving like crazy when I was in the waiting room, but of course stopped when I got into the exam room. lol They hooked me up to the monitors, handed me the remote for the TV and a little handheld thing with a button that looks like something a contestant would use to buzz in on Jeopardy, and told me to press the "Jeopardy button" every time I felt him move. Well, he must've "tuckered" himself out for the day (no pun intended), 'cause he didn't feel like moving. Soo... the nurse comes in with a... CHOCOLATE FROSTED DONUT (!!!!!) and a juice box. Talk about luxury, huh? So here I am, reclined with my feet up, donut resting on my belly, juice box in one hand, "Jeopardy button" in the other, watching Discovery Health on a flat-panel TV, thinking, "Ahhh... this is the life." lol (I wasn't limited to Discovery Health. They had full cable. There was just something interesting on. lol)

After the donut and juice, Marius perked up some. I didn't have any contractions again. Cervix is still high and closed. And I get to go back on Wednesday for an ultrasound!


Sumer said...

I am so so so happy that you like her office! I can't wait until wednesday and you can experience their ultrasound techs too. Cause they are just as good.

Lindsey said...

So glad that you had a great experience!
Did you call your old OB and tell them why you were switching?

Amber said...

Lindsey - I told the old office I felt like no one listened to me and the whole place felt like an assembly line, and that I wasn't happy with the way the NP treated me. But more importantly - shouldn't you be posting pictures of precious little Esther?!?!