Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Car seat? CHECK!

Oh yes! Mom and I had an appointment tonight with the State Police to have the car seat bases installed in our cars. I can't believe there will be a little guy riding in there soon! I've never had an infant carrier in my car. It's a TIGHT fit. Like, if I look over my right shoulder, BOOM! there's a car seat in my face! But I guess that's what happens when your car is the size of a lunch box. However, from carting Anthony around, I do know that a forward-facing car seat fits in there, so it won't be as bad when we get to that point. I'm definitely going to look into a convertible car seat. Perhaps I'll stop by BRU and see if they'll let my try the display models in my car. I took a quick picture when I got home. I probably should have taken it in the well-lit garage where it was installed, because a direct flash has never done ANYTHING justice in a photograph, but here it is:

On another note, I stopped by Wal-Mart earlier to get some travel toiletries and things for my hospital bag (which included a pack of real underwear with a butt, which I haven't worn since I was... oh... 15? But I digress...). I got home and pulled out the duffel bag to start packing. Now, the duffel bag is rectangular, and I set it on a chair in the dining room, went into the kitchen to get some scissors, and turned around to find that my duffel was inhabited by a stowaway feline. Yes, Zoe (who is OBSESSED with boxes and will climb in any unattended rectangular receptacle, regardless of size) decided to take up residence in the bag. She must've thought it was a box of some sort.

My hospital bag is about half packed. It's a start. Most of the remaining stuff can't go in until later (i.e. chargers, DS, laptop, etc), so I think I'm doing well. So far I have toiletries, nursing sleep bras (still haven't ordered a real nursing bra in my size. I may just convert a couple of my current bras into their nursing cousins), socks, underwear, nursing pads, camcorder, and nightgown (which I will use in place of the hospital gown when in labor and throw away after). Oh, and I packed my Adidas sandals that I can wear with socks to shuffle around the hospital. Still have some more things, like some sweat pants and tops, etc, but I'll get there. I can't believe I have about 5 weeks (or less!) to go. Crazy!!!

On yet another note, I shipped hubby's laptop to him today! w00t w00t! Hopefully he can be in the delivery room in some way after all.