Thursday, January 7, 2010

My goal for the next week (or two....)

Is to turn this into some semblance of a nursery:

Yes, I know, my due date is fast approaching. Luckily, most of the stuff in this room is actually BABY stuff, and not everyone else's crap like it was before.

This wall is virtually empty, so that's a start. I think I'll take this little media shelf and put it against the wall with the window to stack diapers on, and put his lotions/creams, receiving blankets, etc on, since I'm putting the changing dresser under the window (the only piece of furniture I have for this kid, which was mine when I was a baby). You'll glimpse a LITTLE of the dresser in the next photo.

Ok, this wall is one hot mess. You see the dresser in there, surrounded by a mountain of stuff from my baby shower. When we get a crib (for now we'll use the pack n play), it will go in the corner to the right of where the dresser is now, since the two walls that form the corner are both interior walls. Our house is a bit drafty, so I want to keep him as far away from the wall with the window as possible. Perhaps I'll put the "crib" on the next wall with the door and move my shoe shelf (yes, I said shoe shelf lol) to the virtually empty wall that's currently occupied by the little brown media shelf.

Here's the wall with the door (and the current location of my shoe shelf). Yes, those are all mine. Mostly heels. And the sad part is, I donated between 15-20 pairs of shoes last month when we cleaned out this room before my baby shower. You have now taken a clockwise tour of the room. Now, thinking about it, I'm leaning more toward the wall with the dresser as the future location of the crib, because that wall drops off to our split stairway (our house is a raised ranch), so no one will be banging into the wall anywhere near where the crib would be. The wall with the door is right on the hallway and could result in more noise.

So, yes, this is my current goal, to be completed before Marius arrives. I'd LIKE to get it done within 2 weeks, so I'm gonna have to work my butt off. We'll see how it goes.


Sue said...

That looks like so much work! Ugh. Just close the door and put the pack and play in your room, lol. But, I'm sure once you get through it all, it'll be a great room for him...(our house is drafty too and the nursery room is probably the draftiest...we are looking at ways to fix that!)

Amber said...

Ha! I WISH! However, our room is the same size as the "nursery", except it has a queen size bed, 2 dressers, a night stand and a media shelf in it. lol we have a 2-3 foot walkway between the bed and the wall with the closet and that's it. lol Gotta love houses built in the '70s. Our room is the only bedroom in the house that actually has the luxury of a light on the ceiling! lol