Friday, January 22, 2010

A crib!!

So we got a JCPenney catalog in the mail, and after flipping through it and seeing the cribs, my mom suddenly remembered that she has a JCP charge card and suggested we put a crib on it!!! So this is the one we ordered (please ignore the display bedding):

And it comes with the rail for when we convert it to a toddler bed! Usually you have to buy those separately.

I also managed to use the Target gift cards I had saved up to order the Snap n Go stroller, changing pad, and Moby Wrap infant carrier that were on my registry! Now just a little more work to do in the "nursery" (yes, the quotes are still there. Hopefully I can remove them soon). Perhaps I'll be ready for this baby after all...


Sumer said...

YAY! I am so excited for you!! A crib will make everything come together for you. Hopefully you will be feeling good enough to finish Marius' room soon - that will make you feel much better. I am so excited for you - you'd think it was me that was 37 weeks lol.