Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Awesome Ultrasound!!!


The ultrasonographer was happy and perky and talked and joked with me the whole time. She went into 3D and I got to see Marius' facial features for the very first time! He's got chubby lil cheeks and is cute as can be! This morning, mom, hubby and I all took a guess at his weight. I guessed 7lbs 8oz, mom guessed 7lbs, and hubby guessed 6lbs 8oz. Well, she took the measurements, and he was.... 6lbs 8oz! Hubby got it right on the nose. We got to see him yawn and practice his breathing! It was so awesome!

Here are the pics from today:

After the appointment, Mom and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to get some things, then to JC Penney to pick up the crib and mattress. While we were there, Mom decided we should go check out the clearance baby clothes. The clearance stuff was 75% off, we spent $54 on 13 outfits, and at the bottom of the receipt said we saved $167!!! Wow!!!! Sweet deals. We then went to Olive Garden for dinner. Yum! Then WalMart. I was out and about from 1:30-8:30 today, which is a loooong time for me. I'm totally exhausted. I feel like my limbs are gonna fall off, and the crib is gonna have to wait until tomorrow to be assembled. But today was a good day :)