Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Insurance issues. Great.

So you know how I applied for Medicaid and put Marius on the CDPHP managed care plan, and the ladies at DSS said that Medicaid would just pay my COBRA premiums and I'd stay on COBRA??? Welll.... I got some papers from DSS today, and it says that we're BOTH on CDPHP effective February 1st. What the heck? The lady who I met with when I applied said she wansn't going to be my case worker since she was leaving in a few weeks, and that someone else would be handling my case. I wonder if my info just got put on this other lady's desk without her fully knowing what was going on, and just got processed like any other case? I don't know. I mean, after I met with the lady and handed in my application and documents, I had to go to the office next door to enroll Marius in CDPHP. However, Marius was the ONLY person on that paperwork.

Of course, the mail came AFTER social services closed for the day, so I have to wait until tomorrow to call and straighten this out. It better just be a mistake, or I'm gonna be pissed, since the new OB that I'm going to tomorrow doesn't accept Medicaid in any way, shape or form. The only way I can be seen at the new OB's office is if I'm still on my COBRA plan. I'm really excited about my appointment with Dr. Burstyn tomorrow... I just hope this DSS crap is resolved and I can keep my COBRA, otherwise I have to deliver by February 1st or find yet another OB.


Sumer said...

Call them or go down there and throw a fit!! That is BS that they didn't do what they said they were going to do and enrolled you in insurance you didn't ask for. I will be waiting on an update! I hope everything gets fixed for you. That would stink having to find yet again another doctor.... (P.S. went to the doctors again yesterday....still an awesome place in my opinion - they even went into the detail of telling me every blood test result rather then just the overview of everything looked good.... like blood type is..... RH.... Downs Syndrome screening..... I thought that was cool.... PLUS they remembered details about me, kids what I do for work etc. Plus they tell you stuff about themselves...)