Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congrats Lexie!

After being so worried that she wouldn't graduate, Lexie DID, and within the same 4 years as the rest of her classmates. She totally busted her ass this year, and her hard work paid off!

The graduation itself was disorganized as hell. A few weeks ago, seniors had to stand in line for quite some time to get tickets for their families to be able to attend graduation. They only got 3 tickets at a time, so if they wanted more, they had to keep getting back in the long line and wait again.

Well, no one (and I mean NO ONE) checked tickets at the convention center, or at the door to the graduation ceremony. There were probably about twice as many people there than the number of tickets they gave out.

Now, to me, a ticket represents a seat at whatever event the ticket is for. But all these family members & friends of graduates who never bothered to stand in line for tickets still attended the ceremony, and there was hardly any seating for those who actually had tickets, and there were a ton of people who had to stand during the 2+ hour event. All of our party (except Jake) managed to find seats here and there, but we were all split up, which was disappointing.

Regardless of the seating situation, we all got to see Lexie walk across the stage. And she didn't even fall on her face! ♥


Lexie's thoughts said...

Thank youu!!! i love you!
& Im so happy i didnt fall on my face!!!