Saturday, June 6, 2009

So today.... officially the best day of my LIFE!!! My beta came back positive!!! When I got home, I took a HPT, just for the novelty of it. It was awesome! I still can't believe this. It feels so surreal. I guess it's really going to be crazy when I wake up tomorrow morning and realize this isn't a dream!!!

Speaking of dreams... So you know how we did PGD for a male embryo? Well, I was so nervous last night about my test today, that I had a dream about it. In the dream, a nurse was coming to my house with a portable ultraound machine. She also happend to be the sister of a kid I graduated with (weird). She didn't do a blood test. She did an ultrasound, and announced that I was 39 weeks, and it was a girl. So I looked at the screen, and all I saw was a little black n' white vagina!!! I was like, "Nooooooo!!!" And then I thought about it, like, how'd I get to 39 weeks? I've had no change in my abdomen at all. I'm not even showing. Then I looked down and had a huge belly. It was bizarre.