Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I wish McDonald's delivered...

I'm starving! But so far, the only things I've been able to eat today were 4 animal crackers and a Klondike bar, and even those didn't seem too appetizing. I haven't really had a taste for anything all day. Everything that I've looked at or thought about has made me feel sick. All of a sudden I feel like I really want McDonald's chicken nuggets. I don't normally eat at McDonald's, but right now, I could go for some McNuggets, but I don't feel like going over there to get them. I'm exhausted, and I really don't feel like driving at all. I just want to lay down. Now I know what men are for (other than contributing half the material to create the pregnancy in the first place)- they're supposed to get us food. Damn. Too bad hubby is in Texas for another 25 days.

Or, to look at it another way, in 25 days, I'll have someone to get me food. :-p