Sunday, June 28, 2009

One week to go...

...before daddy-to-be will be home!!! I'm so excited!!! He called me earlier, and it was so nice to hear his voice. He's definitely ready to come home, and I'm definitely ready for him to come home! In retrospect, it seems like time has flown by, but as the time was actually passing, it seemed soooo slowwwwww.

I think hubby is excited about finally being able to come to one of my appointments and see/hear his son on ultrasound. I want to spend as much time together as possible before he has to leave again, and, as much as I don't want him to have to leave again, I hope he gets to go to tech school ASAP so he can be here for as much of my last trimester as possible. I want to be able to take pictures with him with my big baby belly, and I damn sure want him to be here for the birth of his son! If he misses that, I'll be PISSED (not to mention very disappointed), but I'll have to understand that he has to do what he has to do for the military. After all, we're going to have to find a place to live when he gets back, and we're gonna need his signing bonus to do that. Hopefully that happens before our son is born so we can set up the nursery and have everything as ready as possible before we bring our baby home. I REALLY don't want to have a baby while I'm temporarily at my mom's house, scrambling for space.

Counting the days til daddy comes home. ♥


Lindsey said...

I don't know how you've done it without your husband around! That's got to be tough. I guess the positive thing is that you don't have to cook for him. Some nights I CAN'T cook because I will throw up smelling the food! Sorry honey!
I am excited to put together our nursery... I want to use the paint color Avocado (by Kelly Morgan). Even if it's a girl:)
I am excited to get a bigger baby belly. I feel like I am "poping" a little bit more but it's not super noticeable.