Thursday, June 25, 2009


Got me some nachos! w00t w00t! I just realized that there is ONE establishment within late-night-hormonal-pregnant-woman driving distance from my house that serves food anytime after 9 pm. I called them at 1:50. Was there by 1:57 for my nachos. They close at 2.

Now, they're not NEARLY as good as the nachos at Diamond 8 (those come with sour cream, and Danielle the bartender makes them with love), but they're nachos nonetheless. Salty. Cheesy. Crunchy. Well, kinda cheesy - she skimped on the toppings, and they use the spicy cheese; I prefer the regular cheese. And Diamond 8 has real chili on their nachos, with whole kidney beans. The stuff on these nachos looks more like bloody diarrhea.

I already had heartburn before I ordered, and it hasn't subsided. In fact, it's gotten a little worse, so this nacho experience is gonna be interesting.

Wish I had some sour cream :(